Our Staff

Brandi Park

Brandi started working with us in July 2017. When she first started, she was an optician that helped patients with billing, picking out glasses, training in contact lens wear, correctly measuring and adjusting glasses, and ordering contact lenses. Since then, she has transitioned into our lab and does much of the ordering performed at the office. She also does the final lab work of edging lenses before patients are notified.

Brandi is a Rexburg native and graduated from Madison High School. She attended Ricks College and received her associates degree in Health Science. She has three children and loves spending time outdoors, especially anything to do with snowmobiles, with her family. A quote taken directly from Brandi, “I truly love my job – the doctors and the people I get to work with! :)”

Laurie Dance

Laurie started working at Rexburg Vision Center in 2011. She started as a screening technician. She left from 2013-2015 to go on a mission with her husband in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She returned in 2015 and her primary responsibility now is being an insurance clerk. Most days she is researching and verifying insurance benefits and scheduling appointments. She works at the front desk checking in patients on occasion.

She grew up in Missoula, Montana. She attended Ricks College and received her MRS (wife) degree. Currently, she resides in Ashton. She has 5 children and 17 grandchildren and loves spending time with them. She loves to fish, sew, and shop. A saying that fits her and her husband perfectly, “He loves to fish, she loves to shop. She doesn’t ask what he caught, he doesn’t ask what she bought. They are living happily ever after.”

 Wendy Hadry

Wendy began working in 2008. She is primarily a screening technician and contact lens trainer, but also adjusts frames, is a patient check-in receptionist, helps dispense orders, and assists patients in choosing the right pair of glasses.

She grew up in Los Angeles, California and graduated from Enterprise High School in Redding, California. She  attended Ricks College and graduated with an associates degree in Office Education. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and especially enjoys Sunday dinners with her family. She has four children that are adding grandchildren into the mix. She has been married to her sweetheart, Frank, since 1989 and still manages to find time to have a date night every week.

Teralyn Young

Teralyn began working here in July 2017. She works as a contact lens trainer and optician—aiding in choosing frames, adjusting glasses, dispensing orders, as well as billing. In addition, she helps organize and distribute contact lens orders for patients that arrive each day.

Teralyn is also from Rexburg and graduated from Madison High School. She attended BYU-Idaho and graduated with a bachelor of science degree emphasizing in psychology, sociology, and marriage and family. In addition, she also is a licensed cosmetologist. She has two children, but claims many more as her own. She loves sunny days and getting her tan on. She enjoys reading, floating the river, traveling, nice people, Diet Coke, and spending time with family and great friends. She has been married since 1993 and will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Norene Rumsey

Norene is our most veteran employee. She has been working here since January 1993 and has a vast knowledge of the inner workings here at the Rexburg Vision Center. Her primary duties are managing our frame inventory, insurance biller, helps train new employees, contact lens trainer, and as an optician in helping patients pick the best looking frame. She is a certified paraoptometric.

She grew up in the area, specifically around Egin. She graduated from South Fremont High School and also from Ricks College with an associates degree. She is the mother of six children with 18 grandchildren who all love their dear grandmother. She loves music, sewing, reading, taking walks and bike rides, family picnics, and doughnut nights with her grandkids with homemade doughnuts. But to keep herself sane, Norene enjoys participating in yoga and spending time with her husband, Scott, to whom she has been married for 47 years.

Kathy Jean Peña

Kathy is the second most veteran employee, having started work in October 2003. She quite literally has done everything in the office. She started as our contact lens specialist as well as an optician for six years (she was a certified paraoptometric), then she took over the lab duties for six years. Now, she is our head insurance biller.

Kathy is from a very small town called Glenns Ferry in Idaho where she graduated from Glenns Ferry High School (go Pilots!). She and her husband, Ron, have a combined 10 children with 27 grandchildren and one on the way – which will not likely be the last. She has many hobbies and likes which include music, camping, riding her scooter and 4-wheeler. She is very creative and enjoys creating cards, scrap-booking, and enjoys many other paper crafts. Currently, she is an aspiring watercolor painter.

Jamie Stoddard

She began working at the office in April 2014. Her biggest responsibility is ensuring the diet Pepsi in the refrigerator is consumed in a timely manner, but in her spare time she works as one of our main billers, opticians, contact lens trainers, repairs and adjust glasses, and dispenses orders to patients.

Jamie was raised in the sand and sagebrush in Egin, ID. She graduated from South Fremont High School (go Cougars!) and she and her husband, Dave, have a combined eight amazing children. They also have four chickens that provide fresh eggs in the morning. When she’s not working at the office, she is a detective specializing in missing diet Pepsi and/or chocolate, broken curfews, and junk in the couch cushions. She enjoys camping, fishing (when fish cooperate), warm summer nights, jeep rides, and music. Her two favorite quotes are, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” and “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.”

Karlie Bell

Karlie is Wendy’s daughter, and she began working here in December 2016. She primarily works as a screening tech. In addition, she helps patients choose frames, repairs and adjusts glasses, dispenses orders to patients, and is a check-in receptionist.

Karlie has one fuzzy companion – her puppy Oakley. She is very active and enjoys a lot of outdoor activities. She loves snowboarding, camping, riding 4-wheelers, and warm weather. What she actually enjoys most is being scared – whenever she is in the screening room make sure to make a loud noise and say “Hi!” enthusiastically. She will love you forever. She loves to give the same treatment to her mother, which consequently motivates Wendy to plot her revenge.

Heidi Bagley

Heidi is has worked for us on two separate occasions. The first time she was employed at the RVC was April 1994 through January 2004. After a few years, she started working here again in August 2017. She is an insurance clerk that helps with verifying insurance benefits. She also works as a check-in receptionist.

She is from Plano, ID and graduated from Sugar Salem High School. She attended BYU-Idaho and graduated with an associate of science degree. She also is a licensed cosmetologist. She is a chauffeur to her four kids and some farm animals that keeps her family plenty busy – two steers, two goats, two cats, and two dogs. All are welcome on their Ark. She is a sports fanatic, but most specifically loves football. She enjoys a nice cold Diet Pepsi, traveling, rock and country concerts, and old westerns (she loves John Wayne). Her dream job, outside of working at the office, is being a NFL announcer or having her own sports review show.

Tauna Nelson

Tauna began working in May 2006. She is usually the first person you see when you walk into our office. She is our main check-in receptionist and helps with all the initial paperwork, but also loves to repair and adjust glasses. She also helps with dispensing orders and checking on insurance policies. Tauna has an incredible memory regarding people and family and/or friends. She remembers everything about you, which can be a little scary at times.

She grew up out on the farm in Teton City, Idaho, which she claims was the best life ever! She attended South Fremont High School, Ricks College, and Idaho State University. She definitely does not have pets because her seven kids keep her plenty busy. Tauna is a total people person and loves chatting, smiling, and just being around others. She loves her grandchildren and being around those little human beings because, to her, they are the best! Being a grandmother is her favorite job (of course working here is a close second). She is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching sports.

Rebecca Nedrow

Rebecca began working with us in 2013 and is one of our main billers and opticians – she is always willing to help patients pick out glasses. She keeps herself very busy here, and if you see her sitting she is likely working on five different things, but she somehow finds time to take on more every day. She also aids in training new employees, keeps our contact lens inventory stocked and up to date, and is a check-in receptionist.

She is from Rexburg and graduated from Sugar Salem High School. Her busy and meticulous nature is not only apparent at work, but also at home. She has five children, two grandchildren, and one dog (and also has some “grand-dogs” that she takes care of occasionally). She enjoys reading, especially novels like Harry Potter. She may or may not have envisioned herself as Hermione Granger before. She loves horror and thriller movies – the spookier the better. She is incredibly patient and is always putting others needs in front of her own.

Noah Flake

The lone male employee in the office, Noah started working in April 2014. He works for us as a screening tech and optician, and helps patients choose frames and gets the order started. He also is a contact lens trainer who repairs and dispenses glasses. One of the biggest attributes Noah possesses, besides his height, is he is fluent in Spanish. He has spent a lot of time in exams translating for the doctors when a translator is needed.

Noah is from Snowflake, AZ and is currently attending BYU-Idaho majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in biochemistry and emphasizing in other foreign languages and health psychology. That mouthful of a major is in preparation to go to optometry school. Before BYU-Idaho, he was enrolled at Northland Pioneer College where he graduated with his associates of science degree. He enjoys camping, hiking, marathon running, music, and dancing. He is an Eagle Scout and is smack-dab in the middle of his 11 siblings – five brothers, five sisters and he is child number six.

Chantri Keele

Chantri is our newest hire and she has been working with us since April 2018. She works as an optician – helping patients choose frames, adjusting frames, dispensing orders, and is in training of being one of our billers. Chantri is from Rexburg and is sisters with Brandi (apparently we try to keep things all within families at the RVC). She graduated from Madison High School and from BYU-Idaho with degrees in photography and business administration. She, along with Dr. Hatch, are the ones responsible for our wonderful staff photos on our website. She has three children and she loves doing anything adventurous and creative.